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House Information

Some excellent housing options and information sites
These are links to web sites that offer all kinds of housing options and information. There are several very low priced housing options as well as high. We provide this list to make finding housing during the workshop as easy as possible. We will add to this list as we find more options. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
This is an official NYC Housing web site that lists places to find: Bed & Breakfasts / Sublets / Roommates
Looks like a membership site, places around the USA, it has some great deals even in Manhattan but especially if you can stay in Brooklyn or Queens. I see sublets from about $135 a week and up and in Manhattan $600 and up a month.
This site lists hostels from $33 to $77 a day.
New York Habitat offers housing that ranges from a room for rent within someone's apartment, to private studios, to entire houses that can be rented by several students. Rooms and apartments can be rented daily, weekly and even monthly if you decide to extend your stay in New York City. Pricing and availability will vary depending on the neighborhood, exact rental dates and type of accommodation you are seeking.
They offer a dormitory style residence in Noho offering accommodations to interns, college students, and international scholars, the rate is $255 a week.
NYC YMCA's, Brooklyn has rates for private rooms for about$350 a week and there is no tax.
This site offers short-term rentals in private homes for rooms at mid range to high prices.
Sara’s Homestay is an accommodation provider that specializes in offering private rooms in homes with families, private rooms in apartments with roommates, completely private apartments just for guest(s) and private rooms in residence halls or dormitories.

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