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Economic Recovery Spring Mask Sale

Moleskin Lining normal $15 additional per mask. Sale price $12 additional per mask or $12 per square foot.


When I started making neoprene latex masks one thing I had to deal with, which no mask maker at the time that I know of where dealing with, is how uncomfortable neoprene masks are to wear. To solve this problem I found a lining that makes neoprene latex masks 100% more comfortable to wear.

You can now order moleskin lining on the inside of neoprene masks which mainly covers the forehead. Price of lining is $15 extra per mask.

The reason I do not include lining as part of the over all price of masks and have this as an extra feature is to help keep the price of quality neoprene latex masks down for those of you with very tight budgets.

If you would like to save money and put the lining in yourself, you can order the self-adhesive moleskin lining at $15 a square foot. It is also good for making removable pads.

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