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Finishing for Leather Masks

I use traditional leather dyes and stains as well as my own custom formulas that I have developed. Special Requests for coloring or finishes are, of course, available.

I use only natural finishes. Several finishes I developed myself. One cannot buy these on the open market. It gives a long lasting flexible protective finish to masks that preserves the leather. A mask should be somewhat like a shoe; flexible, natural, breaths and comfortable.

Lacquer: I do not use lacquer on my masks. Many masks today are lacquered, which creates a very hard inflexible mask and tends to be uncomfortable. In many cases, it will not move at all, because if you move it the wrong way, it will crack.

As you wear one of my masks, it will shape to you almost like a high quality shoe. A lacquered mask will not breathe. If you are getting a lacquered leather mask, you should think about getting a neoprene latex mask, which is cheaper. Of course, a lacquered mask is much quicker to make. My finishes take much longer to work into the leather of the mask and I love the look.

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