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"...The clown nose is the smallest mask...", my teacher Jacques Lecoq explained to us as we were discovering our personal clowns. Graduated from Ecole Jacques Lecoq theater mime movement, in Paris, France with the class of 1970-1972. Philippe Gaulier first time teaching was also our class in 1972. Stanley Allan Sherman

"I just want to give a plug for Stanley's leather clown noses. I bought one twenty-two years ago and it's still in good shape. I used it a lot in performance the first ten years and still use it in rehearsal. It has such a distinct (and comfortable) feel when I wear it, that I'm ready to play as soon as I put it on (Pavlov's fool). Foolishly", Drew Richardson January 5, 2007.
Update: Drew's clown nose is celebrating its 34th anniversary May 2019

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New Global ha ... Clown Nose designs are now available.

Leather Clown Nose Making Workshop Information & Photographs

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Clown Noses

Why use a custom leather clown nose when you can pick up a rubber one for about $10?

I started making custom fitted leather clown noses in New York City during the late 70's. Many clowns wear my noses and are still working in them 20 + years later. I worked in my clown nose for a few decades plus performing my solo show "Aero Show".

Clown noses are cut specifically for your nose. The nose holes are placed directly under your nostrils for better breathing and airflow. Leather noses do not sweat. They are more comfortable. The custom fitted leather clown noses are especially great for those long gigs doing walkarounds and hospital work.

I have made custom leather clown noses for many clowns including, Bond Street Theatre Coalition, clowns with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and Le Rire Medecin in Paris, France along with well over 100 clowns around the world.

Each nose is signed and numbered. Because they are handmade each one is a little different.

Round Clown Nose Size
I have three sizes and they are all round:

  • Large, a little larger than a golf ball about 1-¾ inches
  • Small about 1-½ inches
  • Custom sizes extra large or extra small

Clown Nose Personal Fittings
highly recommended. During the fitting the nose is cut to fit your nose so it rides there comfortably. The nose holes are punched directly under your nostrils.

Yes... I have done many clown nose fittings long distance for clowns around the world. This is done by you making then sending me a positive mold of your nose. PDF instructions for different ways of making making a mold of your nose..

Clown Nose Color
There are four basic clown nose reds I use. If you'd like something different, a custom colors no problem. Some custom colors there will be an extra fee.

One clown that works with Le Rire Medecin in Paris requested a blue nose. There are a few blue clown nose's around Europe now and a purple one in France. I have also made a black punk clown nose complete with a spike.

Clown Nose Attachment
Clown noses
are attached with a silk waxed thread and held on by a 1/4 inch elastic band at the back of the head.

If you prefer to glue or tape on your leather clown nose, I have had clients do so. However, spirit gum is not my specialty.

Price with a personal fitting

Price for long distant clown noses
$95, plus shipping. You will send me a positive mold of your nose for the fitting. Nose mold making instructions are provided.

Exclusive Design Clown Nose
Using a variety of different materials, I can create for you any kind of nose you've ever dreamed up.

One of a kind design custom clown noses are available.

Satisfaction Guaranteed The fitting of your custom fitted leather clown nose, even long distance are continue until you are satisfied.

New designs
Global ha ...
clown nose, nose series:

Goal is to c
reate clown noses for different types and cultures of international noses, big nose, small and flat nose clowns. Made to wear using toupee tape, double stick medical tape or spirit gum. Attached with silk wax thread and elastic upon request.

First four Global ha ...
custom fitted leather clown noses.

red clown nose for a small nose.  someehat  like a  short long nose.
#3: fits a small nose

Clown nose #4. short but long shaped big nose that is a long round nose.
#4: fits a big nose

Clown nose #5 that swoops up from the bottom and goes up a little  for a small and flat nose.
#5: fits a small and/or flat nose

Clown nose #6, a large nose, coming up and out, with two big roundish  parts of the nose on the right and left of  nose and coming up on the top of the nose.
#6: fits medium to large nose
small nose with wax silk thread attachment elastic.
Originally made for Rob Torres

Me  clean shaven clown a few years ago
Photo by Jim Moore

Actor, clown, performer; as a fellow actor and clown understand the difference a small element can makes in a show. Used my leather clown nose for decades performing countless show. Here is my break through review from the LA Times of my solo Aero Show. Feel free to ask questions and give me feedback, understand clowns shows from several sides. The hat I'm holding, is a leather bowler hat made by the same guy that made Philippe Petit's leather top hat.

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physicalcomedy.blogspot by John Towsen

encyclopaedia-of-clown Jim Moore physical theater photographer


Clowns with
custom leather fitted
Clown Noses

Twisted Clown, played by actor John Carroll Lynch in the FX show American Horror Story.  Red clown nose, white makeup, red lips with two long streaks up and down across the eyes.

Created a top secret clown nose for the TV show FX American Horror Story main character: TWISTED CLOWN, before the first shoot. Received the call at 5 PM; the clown nose needed to be there the next day. No time to make a mold of the actors nose and ship it to me, and Show designer Michael Mekash could not reveal who the actor was or send me his photo. "...Can you send photos of just his nose, right, left and front." A few hours later was working from the photos of the actor, John Carroll Lynch nose. This clown nose is designed to be held without string, did special forming and cutting for perfect placement and comfort, long television studio shooting days. Circumstance well known to me personally. Finishing his rush clown nose at 3 AM. Emergency, shipping to the shoot in New Orleans that morning. Michael called me, "...perfect color and fit..." Then ordered a second leather clown nose for John as backup.

Twisted Clown, played by actor John Carroll Lynch in the FX show American Horror Story.  Red clown nose, white makeup, red lips with two long streaks up and down across the eyes.

Wearing custom leather clown noses Joanna and Michael

Joanna Sherman and Michael McGuigan, 1984
(Photo: Bond Street Theatre)

Guy Heathcote in his red nose playing the accordion

UK clown Guy Heathcote in his new custom fitted leather clown nose. Guy made and mold of his nose, mailed his nose mold to me and I cut his custom fitted leather clown nose to fit his nose.

Hilary Chaplain with her clown nose

Hilary Chaplain is an actress, physical comedienne, variety performer and a teacher of clown and physical comedy. Her show is, "A Life In Her Day".


Bond Street Theatre Wearing custom fitted clown noses

Bond Street Theatre (top left to bottom): Joanna Sherman, Fred Collins, Luanne Dietrich, Michael McGuigan, Mary Dino (not a custom nose which is why she is sad), Stephen Ringold, 1984
(Photo: Ty Robertson)

Clowns, Fred Collins, Michael McGuigan, Stephen Ringold

Bond Street Theatre, a theatre company founded in 1976 by a group of physically skilled, socially concerned actors, was shaped by their diversity of techniques and motivated by their passion to be useful in this world.


Thank you notes:


Tonight, for the sixth year in a row, I played my uke and sang my novelty numbers in front of a friend of mine's vintage clothing shop during the big "art night" known as "Art for Art's Sake" here in NOLA. I wore the leather nose. I have never had more compliments in my life than the compliments I had for the leather nose. It was unbelievable.

It seemed like every person who happened by said something. When I told them it was a custom model, made from a mold of my very own nose they didn't believe me. I showed them the handwriting inside.

What I mean to say is the nose you made me gave me one of the great nights of performing I have ever had, I can never thank you enough.

Warmest regards,
New Orleans

Dear Stanley,

The nose you made fits and looks great! It is just in time for my next round of performances. Thank you, I love it. … Thanks! I'm a happy fool.

The Simple Fool
Olympia, WA


I just received the nose today. Let me tell you, it is absolutely what I had in mind. Really a fabulous job. I am very sure that "Zippo" the clown will like it.



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