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A new musical, “The Butcher Boy,” Produced by The Irish Repertory Theatre, NYC. Book, Music & Lyrics by Asher Muldoon. Based on the novel by Patrick McCabe, with Nicholas Barasch as Francie Brady running through August 11, 2022.

Mask Design: Stanley Allan Sherman, Mask Arts Company.

The Butcher Boy, the new musical Pig Chorus in their Pig character masks.  In the photo, Pig #1 Teddy Trice, Pig #4 David Baida.Pig #2 Carey Rebecca Brown, Pig #3 Polly McKie, Nicholas Barasch as Francie, Photo used with permission from Irish Repertory Theatre. Photos by Carol Rosegg
Pig #1 Teddy Trice, Pig #4 David Baida.Pig #2 Carey Rebecca Brown,
Pig #3 Polly McKie, Nicholas Barasch as Francie in the middle.
Photo used with permission from Irish Repertory Theatre. Photos by Carol Rosegg

NY Times review
August 2, 2022
In ‘The Butcher Boy,’ an Anti-Coming of Age Story

“They creep in from the shadows, snorting and snickering. The singing pigs that skulk and shimmy through “The Butcher Boy,” which opened on Monday at the Irish Repertory Theater, are silly but also half menacing. Below the neck, they’re dressed like townspeople in 1960s Ireland, where the new musical, written and composed by Asher Muldoon, is set. From the jowls up, however, their snout-nosed masks are eerily impassive.

The swine chorus appears to be a totem of indecency, embodying the dark and unknown depths of the show’s narrator, Francie (Nicholas Barasch), a jaunty lad with flame-colored hair and an implacably sunny disposition. . . .”

NY Times, The Butcher Boy review

The Irish Repertory Theatre: tickets, information, reviews, photos, creative team



Stanley Allan Sherman in his studio, which has also been his home since the 1970s. Credit . . . James Estrin/The New York Times.  (Stanley behind him a work bench with masks on the wall , and shelf  tools, clamps, knives, on the bench, 5 gallon buckets


wooden Slapstick for Commedia dell'Arte - made to order Arlecchino graphic where he is walking on his hands.
Performing Slapsticks is back. Designed for Commedia dell'Arte performers: now available
After years of design testing, research and development, happy to have created slapsticks that looks like Arlecchino's replacement for his sword; which is a simple stick. His stick, is a slapstick, which creates a loud smack sound with a light tap. Yes the term "slapstick comedy" comes from this instrument and prop.



elderly woman Commedia dell'Arte mask, Laura, Pasquella, RuffianaThree new Commedia dell'Arte mask designs
elderly women,Laura, Pasquella, Ruffiana, Dottore #3 and Female Character #3
Leather and Neoprene Latex in

Finished with Hair


2015 Drama Desk Nominee:
The Queen "Katherine Crockett" of
Queen of the Night "Queen of the Night" on Broadway in NYC. One of my most challenging masks. Some amazing photos from the show.


BlackAndWhite Persona & Multicultural Mask
Rap artists from Brooklyn and their new set of masks. Created for a different singer the Multicultrual Mask is made of many races.


Mask Making workshops
Paper/cloth meche, neoprene latex, leather. custom leather clown nose
Mask Arts Studio NYC from $200 to $2,375


Director and Development - solo, independent original shows


Conan O'Brien's Hasidic Maskmaker
Forward article By: Laila Caron about Mask Maker - Stanley Allan Sherman


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Articles by Stanley Allan Sherman:
Mask Arts Company Blog


Geo Friend-Lee Planet Earth Mask

DJ rap hip-hop artist Supa Soul-ja mask that lights up and glows in the dark


Female Neutral Training maskThe Neutral Masks were tested at American Academy Male Neutral Theatre Training maskof Dramatic Arts here in New York, NY. They are effective. One thing about sculpting neutral masks is, it is an on going process. These Neutral Masks will be male and female Series #4 and I am continuing to sculpt the two neutral masks and will come out with neutral masks male and female Series #5 sometime in the future. Most neutral mask colors are available.


Metaphysical MaskThe Metaphysical Mask a unique actor training mask
developed by Carlo Mazzone-Clemen




The Nutcracker Ballet Masks
made for the Joffery Ballet School Production

Masks that dancers can dance in.


Commedia dell'Arte: The Essential Secenario - Actors Freedom
The Soul of The American Actor July 2011

Guest Post: What makes a Great Commedia Mask?
by Stanley Allan Sherman, February 19, 2011, blog Clownlink

Il Dottore Explains It To Us All written for
By Stanley Allan Sherman New York Theatre Wire


NY Clown Theatre Festival Blog on the 2007, 2008 & 2010


Duet for Solo Voice by David Scott Milton with Jonathan Slaff, Rachel Krah and David Zen Mansley at Theater for the New City in New York NY.
'Beast of Festive Skin'
Alexandra Tatarsky New York Fringe Festival
'Now Leasing'
Solo Show: Lea McGowa, LA Fringe Festival, The Slipper Room, NYC, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland

Recommended books on Commedia dell'Arte

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Mask Arts Gift Certificates

a few clients and exhibitions:

  • Abuni wrestling mask
  • Abyss wrestling mask
  • Andrew Rosevelt Theatre Company, TX
  • Brazos Port Theatre, Lake Jackson, TX
  • Big Apple Circus
  • BlackAndWhite Pesona
  • Bond Street Theatre Collation (Lots of leather clown noses)
  • Book Cover Mask for of Jeffery Deaver, "The Vanished Man"
  • Celebration Barn Theatre Commedia dell'Arte Intensive
  • Boston University Commedia dell'Arte Masks for Professor Judith Chaffee
  • Blue Teapot Theater Company, Galway City, Ireland
  • Coach Leatherwear Museum, Permanent collection
  • Carlo Mazzone-Clementi …Dell'Arte School in Blue Lake, California
  • Carolos Fittante of Balam Dance Theatre, New York, NY
  • Children Theater of Charlotte, NC
  • City Theater, Sacramento, CA
  • Clown Noses for Clowns around the world
  • Club de Teatro del Colegio Maristc, San Juan, PR
  • Colorado Dinner Theatre, "Phantom of the Opera"
  • Color and Light Theatre, Hunting Beach, Ca
  • College of William & Mary Commedia dell'Arte workshop with RCCU*
  • Constellation Theater Co. Washington DC
  • Cotuit Center for the Arts Commedia dell'Arte workshop with RCCU*
  • Danielle super model
  • Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND
  • DJ rap hip-hop artist Supa Soul-ja mask that lights up and glows in the dark
  • Eight Black Birds
  • Eve St Ievenard, France
  • Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
  • First & Second International Leather Conference's
  • Fordam University Theatre Department
  • Geo Friend-Lee Planet Earth Mask
  • Graham Lustig Dance Theater, NJ
  • Green River Community College, Auburn Washington
  • Hunter College Theatre Department
  • Joffrey Ballet School Rat Mouse masks for THE NUTCRACKER
  • International Clown Conference, Philadelphia
  • International Mask Conference 2005
  • International Performance and Production
  • Iona Collage Theatre Department
  • Jeff McBride, Magician
  • Joffery Ballet School, New York NY mask design for the Nutcracker and workshop
  • Kerry Knowlton "Hell Cage" Film
  • Liberty Theater, Astoria, OR
  • Le Rire Medecin of Paris, France (Clown Noses)
  • National Mime & Clown Theater Festival, Ohio
  • New School of North Virginia
  • New York Baroque Dance Company
  • New York Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, longest running exhibition in the history of the museum
  • New York Theatre Club, New York, NY
  • Night Owl Theatre, Kelowna,BC, Canada
  • Norwood Performing Arts, Ohio
  • Manhattan School of Music, New York NY
  • Mahattan Theater Club
  • Manhattanville College, New York
  • Maria Hermoni, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Mosqidou Records, Dorchester MA
  • Mick Foley with the WWF ManKind Mask
  • Manitowoc Public School District, Manitowoc, WI
  • Objects of Bright Pride Galleries, New York and Alaska
  • Ohio State University Theatre Department
  • Oak Glen High School, New Cumberland WV
  • Queen of the Night, NYC
  • Opera Lyrica, Osford, UK
  • Opera Australia
  • Patch Adams (Clown, MD and healer and all around good guy)
  • Paul Shipper, NY
  • Peregrine Productions, Hillsboro, OR
  • Philippe Petit (High wire walker)
  • "Phantom of the Opera" for various road companies
  • Rebeca Gardner, Savannah GA
  • Richard Stein, Nashville, TN
  • Robert Fullmer, PA
  • Rockwall-Heath High School
  • Riverside Unified School District, CA
  • Rochester Latino Theater Co. NY
  • Roving Classical Commedia University* (*Totally Unaccredited)
  • San Francisco International Vaudeville Festival
  • Sacramento Shakespeare Festival, CA
  • Speak The Speech Theater, AZ
  • Spring Oprea House, Columbus, GA
  • Stark Ravens Historical Player, Vallejo, CA
  • Steven Becke, NY
  • St. Mary's High School, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • St. Olof College, Northfield,MN
  • "Stanley Allan Sherman AERO SHOW Featuring the Star Spangled Banner
  • Supa Soul-ja DJ and Rap Artist
  • The BRIT School For Performing Arts and Technology, United Kingdom
  • The House Theatre, Chicago "Valentine Victorious"
  • Theater Mann; Istanbul Turkey, 5 day workshop & purchased a collection of masks
  • Theatre Sanez, NY dance theater, Alaskan bone mask for the show, "Bones"
  • Theatre Works USA "Phantom of the Opera"
  • The Shakespeare Forum
  • Tiyatro Maan, Istanbul Turkey, Commedia dell'Arte workshop
  • Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA Commedia dell'Arte workshop
  • World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment)
    Mankind Mask
    Sultan Mask
    Undertaker Mask
  • University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
  • Vasily Torkanovskiy, Moscow, Russia
  • Yale Summer Conservatory
  • Yale Theatre Studies

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