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Wrestling masks are custom designs developed for you. Unique character masks created, designed and built for the individual personality of the wrestler, all made with the expression, emotion and feeling that you require built in.



Undertaker custom wrestling mask photo signed Rest in Peace

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Custom Made
Wrestling Masks

debut entrance in his new mask

'"I'm so proud of it. I have to say how impressed I am with your work. The mask is INCREDIBLE looking. Thank you so much. You are amazing." Chris Park, aka Abyss

Chris Abyss in his wrestling mask, holding a club with spikes in it looking into the eyes of another wrestler.


Magnos  wrestler with his custom mask and chains around his left arm.

Travis Heffernan wrestler in his mask Mangnos

Both Magnos and Abyss custom designed wrestling masks have unique adjustable lace free straps.

New Abyss Mask
just before it went to Abyss.

Abyss wrestling mask black & tan left side half mask

Abyss wrestling mask, front view, black & tan  half mask

Abyss wrestling mask, black & tan half mask right side

Sculpture for the Abyss mask
Clay sculpture of the Abyss mask

Salem Sinner Six

Salem Sinner Sixx Pro wrestling mask - white, gary and black with 25 yard of leather strapping as hair.

Custom pro-wrestling mask. This mask does not use a lace up but has a different uniquely designed strapping system.




Music Masks
DJ's, Rap, Opera, Hip Hop, Singers

BlackAndWhite Persona
Rap Artists from their first video shoot with their new custom rap masks
BlackAndWhite Persona wearing there masks in  a rap video

BlackAndWhite Persona finished mask front view

BlackAndWhite Persona leftside view

BlackAndWhite Persona right side view

DJ, rap artist, Supa Soul-ja custom mask is unique. Made for singing, rapping, spinning and more.

Supa Soul-ja half mask with a brown, green, black and white camouflage pattern.
© Copyright 2013 Stanley Allan Sherman

Normal Light

three patterns of green neon like lights lighting up the mask.

In the dark this mask can light up in three modes, steady, blinking slow and fast.

glowing in the dark green

He can turn off the mask light in the dark then this mask glows in the dark. It glows extremely brightly.

Mask that physically changes color. Created for a Rap Artist. Another of the unique things we can do.

Multicultural Music Mask
mask with speaker mouth and blending of many faces into one. Music note on the face

Music mask with a button on the forehead with a red light lighing up the button.
Notice the red button light.

left side of the mask with a music note around the eye

Singer can place a small mic inside the mask. Worn with a hood no one will know what race the singer is..

Mankind wrestling mask design, uncolored on my workbench


When you are in a performance or a match all these different emotions have an opportunity to come out. Masks can set you free. A great mask will enable you to do things you would not do without a mask. We develop your mask character so it works theatrically, safely and effectively for you.

Looking at unfinished custom wrestling mask in the workshop


My goal is to create masks that have the possibility of being successful, effective, long-lasting characters. Like the "ManKind Mask" mask I created for Mick Foley and the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

Making Mankind masque cut but not put together


Raw unfinished moving the Jaw


A great wrestling mask must be able to change emotions. An example of this; going from anger to love or when the world famous Mick Foley "Mankind Mask" did 10 or 15 minutes of just reading poetry.

Character Development is one of the most important elements of working with me.



There are masks that look great, but never come alive as a character. They always look just like a mask covering up a face. That is not what my masks do. You need a mask to become a complete character, one that has a full range or specific range of emotions.

Designing a mask that fits and enables your character to have a full palette of emotions in the ring or performance is vital. Developing that character so you can make your mask come alive, as a total character, is part of my design job and challenge. Working with you, I ask several questions in order to get to the essence of your needs and ideas, then I turn that into your character mask.

Finished Mankind wrestling Mask


Part of the reason for Mick Foley's great success is, when he wore the "Mankind Mask," people saw the total character.

I designed the mask so that it would be simple for Mick to make the mask work theatrically, giving him the freedom of a specific range of emotions to explore and develop into the strong masked character that he did.

When you put the mask on, the mask will come alive.

The masks will also free a performer to go beyond their normal limits, which Mick Foley did.


Finished Wrestling Mankind Mask, the mouth open
side view of rivets and straps
Famous photo of Mankind Mask on my workbench
Red jaw with yellow trim not attached yet Free Floating Movable Jaw
Half 3/4 mask Hell Cage Masque1/2 & 3/4 Mask Designs also great for Singing
Safe Design Development Abuni  CharacterSafety Design and Development
2 ManKind Masks unfinishedExclusive Copies Backup Mask Checkups
sultan mask side view red with a pony tailWhat Not To Do With Mask Design
lining, it looks fuzzyNew Inside Lining
time location cost, an earth with clock hands Price - Time - Location

Wrestling mask front image wrestling mask front


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